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Fake News is out of control.

Some news stories are just poor journalism. Others are deliberate lies. But it’s just the tip of the iceberg…

Governments and mass media have been manufacturing consent for decades… They’ve withheld the truth, even misled us… What are they hiding?

50 years ago people might have scoffed at the idea, but today…? We KNOW a lot of what we have been told are downright lies.

This is the age of wiki-leaks and Snowden – major whistle-blowers that have really only scratched the surface.

Do you trust your government? Do you trust the media propaganda machine?

Are we getting “the facts” – or are we getting a message?

Ever watched a news story on Russian TV and then switched over to the BBC…? Who are you going to believe? Both? Either?

If you are starting to question the status quo, you are NOT alone. We know what it’s like…

Sifting through the theories online can be disconcerting. Some of it is dark; downright sinister.

But scary as their hidden agendas may be, we’re not fear-mongerers. This is about knowledge.

Choose knowledge, not fear.

Knowledge dispels fear.

If you are looking for the facts; if you want to understand what is really going on – behind the scenes – you can. The information is available – if you know where to go for it.

Disclosure is real and it is happening today. The challenge is knowing what to believe. And with the quality of computer generated images today it can be even harder to tell fact from fiction…

We know. We’ve been there. We’re on the same journey for the truth.

For us at Probe International, truth is freedom. It’s what we’ve always believed.

Probe is Credible Disclosure.

The Probe Conference is the longest running UFO, Paranormal & Spiritual annual conference in the UK and Europe. Speakers from all over the world attend Probe, where we cover all subjects including Ufology, Crop Circles, Paranormal Phenomena, Cryptozoology, The Supernatural, Parapsychology, Fortean Events, Conspiracies, The Profound and Strange…

We’ve been going almost 30 years. Jordan Maxwell. Linda Moulton Howe. Charles Hall… They all spoke at Probe first. We were the first conference to bring in speakers from the US and give them a platform in the UK; speakers like Jo Anne Richards, Dolores Cannon and others…

Why do people come every year? We’re past the sensationalism. We don’t believe in glamorizing – or sugar coating – the truth. And whether you like what our speakers have to say or not, the information is credible.

So credible that some people don’t WANT this information to get out…

Our speakers are the inside guys. They were THERE. They “pulled the trigger”, so to speak… Ex-government. Ex-military. Ex-astronauts… People with a tendency to “disappear” or get killed in “accidents”…

And then there’s the proper academics and hardcore researchers; the people who know how to dig for the answers no matter where the information has been buried.

Truth is Freedom.

That being said, we’re NOT about telling you what to believe.

We’re NOT saying, “This is the truth.”

What we are saying is, “This is an opportunity for you to decide.”

And we mean it.

Don’t be one of the “Sheeple” (if you ever were). You know, where one leads and the rest just blindly follow…. We encourage you to Probe; to investigate and to ask questions. Don’t take it at face-value.

Think outside the box.

Join us at our next conference! 

At Probe you’re among friends, in a free and open atmosphere where truth and understanding are freely available to anyone who wants to learn more in the fields of UFOlogy, the Paranormal and Spirituality.

Probe is about opening our eyes, together, so that we can better understand what is really going on and make better choices in our lives.

Probe is credible disclosure.

About Probe

Founders: Jean and Sam Wright.

Organiser: Paul Wright

Events Manager: Fiona McNeill

Probe International was founded almost 30 years ago and was the first organisation of its kind to hold international conferences in the UK.

The founders, Sam and Jean Wright from Lancashire in the UK, were the very first to bring in speakers from the US and other countries abroad to lecture on all aspects of the strange and unknown, including UFO incidents, the paranormal, supernatural occurrences and much more…

The twice-annual conferences have been a platform for lecturers to talk and discuss sensitive incidents and media restricted cases that would otherwise be suppressed and not circulated to the general public.

Since 1990, the Probe International conferences have grown in strength and popularity as well as becoming the UK’s leading event of its type.

Probe events are best known for their socially relaxed and friendly atmosphere that offers something for everyone, from newcomers to seasoned investigators and researchers. Visitors can also pop along to the evening events and personally chat with the speakers.

Both Sam and Jean were involved in LAPIS (Lancashire Anomalous Phenomena Investigation Society) in the UK, and the UFO Research Group in Melbourne, Australia before starting Probe.

Jean Wright passed away in 2011, but left behind an impressive legacy of what she achieved over the many years she hosted the UK and Europe’s longest running UFO, Paranormal & Spiritual Annual Conferences.

Her work is to this day still supported and delivered by her husband, Sam Wright and her son Paul who host two annual conferences each year which receives national, and international interest from researchers, authors and lecturers in the field. Jean’s legacy lives on through these events, and still attracts a considerable following. 

Fiona McNeill – Events Manager

Fiona has over 30 years experience in the hospitality and promotion industry, working in a wide range of fields such as music, sports and tourism.

She is qualified in promotions and event planning, such as the booking and managing of Bands, organising of fund raiser events both large and small, including for the Winter Games and and a wide variety of organisations.

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